Image uploads

General guidance
Upload images on 26th August 2017. Email your images to the dropbox folder at this link

(for reference the full link is


Re-sizing and naming images
Competitors should re-size images to 1500 pixels on the longest dimension as 300 dpi JPEGs, but retain the original, unprocessed images. Images should have NO WATERMARKS. Please double-check that processing software has not auto-watermarked images; BSoUP will disqualify watermarked images or images that have the photographer's name in the title.

Entrants should rename their images using the category code and competitor number separated by an underscore.
Competitor number 15 submitting a wide angle image should rename it wide_15.jpg
Competitor 87's close up image would be named close_up_87.jpg
Competitor 250's compact or action camera image would be named compact_250.jpg
If you enter 2 images in one category, use the suffixes _1 and _2

Original image files
Please keep your original, unchanged images including RAW files, including your photograph of the BIUPC unique image. If your image is short listed for a prize, you will be asked to send the original files to the BIUPC competitions secretary towards the end of the week after the competition. Competitors unable to provide RAW or camera native format files will be disqualified.

Photographers' image rights
BSoUP reserves the right only to publish winning images in the Society magazine ‘in focus’ and on the website Images may also be used royalty free in media coverage of the event and future promotional material for the championship such as magazine publications, but copyright will always remain with the photographer, who will be consulted for any other use of images not declared here.

The organisers' decision on any matters arising from these guidelines shall be final.