Our sponsors & prizes

Our main sponsor for 2017 is Carpe Diem, who have generously provided a £1650 (US$ 2100) voucher for a one week liveaboard cruise in 2018 on the wonderful boat Carpe Diem in the Maldives. The prize is based on a shared cabin, valid on trips throughout 2018 with a few exceptions during peak holidays (Christmas, Easter etc).

All category winners and runners up will receive a BSoUP trophy and certificate with their image printed on it. All photographers awarded highly commended will receive a certificate with their image printed on it.

O’Three once again will generously provide an off-the-peg made-to-fit drysuit for the 2017 competition.

We are delighted that Underwater World at Stoney Cove will sponsor us this year. Stoney is a great site to get British images, regardless of the weather.

And equally happy to have Mike's Dive Store as a BIUPC sponsor. The company has very kindly offered a Scubapro Nova torch as a prize.

Oyster Diving will generously support BIUPC 2017 by providing an Aqua Lung i300 dive computer. Make sure that you enter their own competition too - with a Red Sea trip as a great prize!

Our sponsors for 2016 were:

The BIUPC Champion won a a 1500 Euro voucher from our principal sponsor to use on any trip available on www.Liveaboard.com for a one-time booking on one of their 190+ available Liveaboards with 9200+ cruises in 28 countries around the world.

The winner of the open wide-angle category won an O’Three off-the-peg drysuit.

The winner of the open close-up category won an Apeks regulator.

The winner of the best newcomer category won a £250 voucher to use at Cameras Underwater.

The winner of the restricted compact category won a £100 voucher from Andark Diving & Watersports.

Our sponsors for 2015 were:

For the British and Irish 2015 Champion, Oonasdivers provided a 5 day dive package including flights and accommodation at Marsa Nakari in Egypt.

sponsored the best newcomer category with a £250 voucher.

Nauticam UK provided a £250 voucher for the best 2015 open category close-up image.

O’Three provided a £400 voucher towards the purchase of a drysuit for the best image with a restricted compact camera

Apeks provided an XTX200 regulator

Divelife provided a diver's watch

Andark Diving & Watersports provided a MUVI K2 camera